Ban Drill, Ban Dreaming.

April 2020


Co-art direction + campaign design

Archivo by Omnibus Type

This project was awarded a Yellow Pencil by D&AD which was produced in response to a D&AD New Blood brief set by Google and the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography.

Completed in collaboration with Nikita Iziev


A regional subgenre, UK Drill, emerged in London, particularly in the district of Brixton, beginning in 2012. UK Drill rose to prominence by the mid-2010s and has influenced the creation of other regional scenes such as Australian and Irish Drill.

On the 21st of June, 2019, the London Metropolitan Police removed 130 Drill songs from YouTube, served artists with Criminal Behaviour Orders and inhibited them from creating more music without police permission. 


Our approach to this brief was to consider what the deeper problems surrounding UK Drill music were. We eventually came to the conclusion that banning UK Drill music did not actually solve any problems, instead it "fixed" a symptom of a larger problem.

With our campaign, we wanted to help those affected by this ban, and also raise money for the support systems around them. We designed and curated a compilation album, a scarf, an AR filter and campaign products that we would sell to raise awareness for the UK Drill ban and money for United Borders. 

All money raised was to be donated to United Borders, a charity that holistically helps at risk youths.

Banning Drill music and policing speech is an attack on basic human rights. Creative expression should be encouraged, not suppressed.