Ulysses Unica

November 2020


Art direction, editorial design

TYPOGRAPHY: Neue Haas Unica by Monotype

A big thank you to Matt Wilkinson and Toshi Omagari for their counsel throughout this project!


James Joyce's Ulysses is a work of art that is often discussed more than it is read, it occupies a curious position in the literary zeitgeist. Joyce's exploration of modernist experimentation lends itself nicely to interpretation in endless contexts.

After conducting an interview with Toshi Omagari, he pointed out that there were certain parts of Neue Haas Unica that weren't being celebrated and were often forgotten, he was especially proud of the way that the Greek and Cyrillic glyphs solved intricate problems that other grotesque fonts were unable to consider in different languages.


Ulysses is a book with writing styles that change completely from chapter to chapter, and is widely translated. From this the concept of reimagining Ulysses as a type specimen came about.

The type specimen features 6 different languages. There is an excerpt from each chapter of Ulysses that has been typeset uniquely to show how adaptable Neue Haas Unica is to so many different contexts.

There were two type specimens created, one physical which was to be sent out to design studios around the world as reference and collectible material and a digital one developed for eReaders given to customers who purchased Neue Haas Unica.

The digital type specimen is available for download for eReaders here.